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Cocktail Collective Daiquiri Box Set



Cocktail Collective Daiquiri Box Set.

A deliciously easy ready-to-mix cocktail box and the ideal cocktail pack for summer fun with friends. With 10 cocktail serves in every box, your Daiquiri pack is the classic blend of White Rum, Lime and Gomme Syrup giving you that delicious balance of citrus and sweet.

Beautifully presented in a lightweight kraft box, the Daiquiri cocktail box presents a wonderful gift to say "THANKS" in style or "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" to a loved one.

This 10 serve Daiquiri set contains:

  • Cocktail Collective premium white rum (500ml).

  • Cocktail Collective gomme syrup (200ml).

  • Collective Collective pure lime juice (350ml).

  • Stainless steel dual-sided spirit measure.

  • Easy to follow, step by step recipe card.


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