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Cocktail Collective Moscow Mule Box Set



Cocktail Collective Moscow Mule Box Set.

This ginger flavoured cocktail is the classic all-rounder. Spicy, tangy and quick to prepare when friends pop round, you'll impress with this cocktail no matter the occasion or location. 

Shelf stable - enabling you to plan in advance and confidently store this cocktail box for just the right occasion. 

Feel good about packaging - your cocktail box is securely delivered nationwide with all your ingredients beautifully arranged in a bespoke re-usable, recyclable Kraft presentation box.  

This 10 serve Moscow Mule set contains: 

  • Omaha 3-piece super stylish sleek silver shaker (750ml) - say that again real quick! 
  • Cocktail Collective premium vodka (500ml).

  • Cocktail Collective gomme syrup (200ml).

  • Collective Collective pure lime juice (350ml).

  • Five (5x) East Imperial Ginger Beers (150ml).
  • Lime wheels for garnishing.
  • Two (2x) rustic copper handled mugs.  
  • Stainless steel dual-sided spirit measure.

  • Paper straws.
  • Easy to follow, step by step recipe card.


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