Annabel Langbein Simple Pleasures Cookbook

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Annabel Langbein Simple Pleasures Cookbook.

True to her philosophy that quality natural ingredients need little in the way of fussy preparation, her new book is entitled Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook: Simple Pleasures. Inside, luscious photos of Annabel’s home-cooked food are interspersed with equally inspiring images of her verdant vegetable garden and orchard, and the gorgeous natural landscapes of the scenic South Island.

As well as more than 200 delicious recipes, all easily achievable by the home cook, the book features menu suggestions drawn from the accompanying TV series, plus Annabel’s musings on living well in today’s fast-paced world. It is interactive with Annabel’s website, with QR codes on many recipes linking the reader to a video of Annabel making that recipe or sharing her tips for simplifying tricky techniques.

With this exciting new book from Annabel Langbein, you are invited to take time out from your busy schedule to savour life’s simple pleasures.


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