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Crushes Beaker Soy Candle - Salted Caramel



Crushes Beaker Soy Candle - Salted Caramel (90 x 75mm - 200ml - 60 hours burn).

These simple and modern candles are a great styling tool for any home or office. We love the beaker shape, being reminiscent of our school science classes!

Hand poured in New Zealand using the highest grade of soy wax and best part is the beaker can be re-used.

Crushes is the creative collective of two Auckland friends, Sarah Firmston and Rose Hope. All projects that come from these two, whether a new design or a practical do-it-yourself project, have a sense of subtle modernity. A love of being understatedly, effortlessly cool. While they try to bring back the love of being hand made in New Zealand.


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