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Lakeman Hairy Box Craft Beer Sampler



Lakeman Hairy Box Craft Beer Sampler (6 x 330ml bottles).

A selection of hand crafted beers brewed by Lakeman Brewing Co. utilising pristine and unique water from the lake Taupo area. A perfect balance of Kiwi flavours in every drop as refreshing as a dip in the lake. Must try gems from Taupo - catch them all...

  • Lakeman Pilsner - 5.2% ABV - A light malty character with a good smack of Pacific Jade hops providing a soft bitter finish.
  • Lakeman Hairy Hop IPA - 6.3% ABV - Aromas of summer fruit citrus with a hint of pine. A smooth rounded malt ends with a bitter finish.
  • Lakeman Pale Ale - 5.5% ABV - An amber ale with a smooth robust maltiness. Spicy and citric notes are provided by good lashings of Pacifica and New Zealand Cascade hops.
  • Lakeman Wheatwacker - 6% ABV - A distinctive, light wheat beer with a hint of citrus zest and juniper.
  • Lakeman Taupo Pale Ale - 5.7% ABV - Heady aromas of citrus and passionfruit on the nose. These fruit flavours blend with a soft silky malt and end with a bitterness that lingers on.
  • Lakeman Lahar American Pale Ale - 5.6% - Floral nose of passionfruit and strawberry with blackcurrant and table grape aromatics. 

Lakeman is a mythical beer-drinking beast seen on the shores of the great Lake Taupo. He’s a big hairy bugger and fancies craft beer...and because you never want to get on the wrong side of such a creature, locals created a brewery in his honour. It’s called Lakeman Brewing Co, and is fast becoming the stuff of legend around these parts. One taste and you’ll know why. Lakeman is brewed from Taupo’s purest natural water and boasts malty, hoppy flavours as big as the myth itself. So if you spot one, don’t be afraid. Just coax it gently to the nearest bar leaner, raise it to your lips and get it down you, you big hairy beast.


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