Thomson Craft Collection Whisky Taster Set



Thomson Craft Collection Whisky Taster Set (100ml each bottle).

Two 100ml tasters of brilliant Kiwi whisky neatly packaged in a smart giftbox, containing two award winners... 

  • Two Tone Release 40% ABV

  • Manuka Smoke Single Malt 46% ABV

This is a wonderful gift for any discerning whisky lover and great for a comparison of two of Thomson's finest.

Thomson Whisky was started the same way you’d start a band. The team got together and just started tinkering. It was never about taking over the world, or playing Wembley, but about giving it a go, creating the best spirit they could afford to and sharing their journey with anyone who liked whisky. They wanted to give New Zealanders a whisky they could be proud of, with a sharp brand on top. Their bottling’s reflect who they are, because they’re small enough to do it how they like it. As they grow these qualities remain.

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