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Cocktail Collective Espresso Martini Box Set



Cocktail Collective Espresso Martini Box Set.

A bittersweet mix of Vodka and coffee. The perfect cocktail to share with friends, your Espresso Martini cocktail box features a Cold Brew Coffee crafted in collaboration with Altezano Brothers so you can be confident with the best ingredients.

Shelf stable ingredients mean you can organise your cocktails well in advance and can gift knowing they'll be ready-to-mix whenever it suits. 

Feel good gifting something special - that can be securely delivered nationwide with beautifully arranged ingredients in a bespoke re-usable and recyclable Kraft presentation box. 

This 10 serve Espresso Martini set contains: 

  • Cocktail Collective premium vodka (500ml).
  • Cocktail Collective premium espresso liqueur (200ml).

  • Cocktail Collective premium vanilla liqueur (200ml).

  • Altezano Brothers cold brew coffee by (500ml).

  • Altezano Brothers divine chocolate coated coffee beans.

  • Altezano Brothers bold blend coffee beans.

  • Stainless steel dual-sided spirit measure.

  • Easy to follow, step by step recipe card.


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