Your Impact

Willow and Wolfe exists in its own little way to make the world a better place. Our goal is to connect consumers and companies that share a commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

Through our carefully curated gifts, we hope to contextualise shopping within a larger global narrative, highlighting the very real impacts of our collective consumption choices.

That’s why every purchase you make here affects authentic change and empowerment through our amazing suppliers' ethical contributions and charitable causes. 

Here are their stories...

24Bottles - An Italian design brand born in 2013 with the aim of reducing the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet and our lives. Their ethos is to create useful and functional objects that make the world a more pleasant and less polluted place. 

27Seconds - 100% of their profits is given away to provide intensive recovery care to survivors of slavery, trafficking and severe abuse in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Alderson’s - Pride themselves in using the freshest New Zealand ingredients and locally sustainably grown produce. 

Arrosta Coffee - Beans are ethically sourced and promotes eco friendliness throughout their entire business. Supports the local hospice and schools through fund raising events and demonstrates a high level of corporate responsibility towards the community of Palmerston North.

Babu - Kindness matters there. Their suppliers are chosen for their commitment to their staff and the environment. Babu is truly made nicely and with love. From their farmer’s cooperative where they buy their cotton to the team in India who put so much love, care, and skill into everything they do.

East Bali Cashews - A social enterprise that empowers and supports the development of communities, families and children of Bali through farming and educational initiatives.

Ecosprout - Producers of natural, eco friendly and organic baby products that contributes generously to HeartKids New Zealand, Ronald McDonald House Charities® New Zealand and Specialist Care Baby Unit at Waitakere Hospital in Auckland.

Fair + Square Soapery - Good for your body and good for the planet. Made with natural essential oils and not a synthetic nasty in sight, their square blocks of soap gold are filled with nothing but pure goodness.

Fix and Fogg - Eco friendly and sustainable peanut butter producer that contributes generously to City Missions, Women's Refuges, Ronald McDonald Houses and Love Soup all over New Zealand.

Hãhã - Their vineyards, wineries and bottling facilities are certified 100% sustainable by Sustainable Winegrowing New Zealand, which means they are committed to continually improving environmentally responsible procedures.

Hawthorne Coffee - Ethically sourced beans, practices sustainability and eco friendliness through their business and was the first espresso bar in Hawkes Bay to completely eradicate milk containers saving well over 6,000 plastic bottles going to the landfill each year.

HOLM Naturals - Developed out of the need for better products which are not only made out of all-natural ingredients but contributes to a healthier more luxurious lifestyle. Sustainability of ingredients, packaging and life-cycle of products is at the forefront of Holm Naturals ethos for everything it produces.

Honest Chocolat - Relying on farmers in distant lands such as Ecuador and suppliers that share their values of sustainability, they select their ingredients carefully and conscientiously, and choose to only use single origin chocolate that comes from ethical sources.

Hevea - Fiercely eco friendly and is always on the look out for innovative ways to reduce, re-use, re-cycle and up-cycle where possible.  All their packaging is FSC certified which is a guarantee that the paper (or timber) comes from a responsibly managed forest, preventing deforestation and degradation.

IncaFé is committed to producing the best coffee using sustainable practices by roasting exclusively organic and Fairtrade coffee in their Toitu carboNZero certified plant. 

J. Friend & Co. – A member of the Carbon South certification programme and is committed to reducing the negative impact on the environment. Strong supporters of the following Charities - Good Bitches Baking, Christchurch City Mission and Women's Refuge.

La Petite Chocolate - Hand makes their chocolate with the finest organic, fair trade & single-origin cacao. They source the ingredients locally as much as possible and respect the stories of the growers behind them. Their chocolates are like a window to the story of the growers.

Lakeman Brewing - All spent grain from the brewery is fed to the Simmental heifers that are dotted around their farm. Waste water from the brewing process is irrigated on to the paddocks surrounding the brewery which is extremely helpful for grass growth when the weather is dry. All packaging boxes are made in Levin from a mix of recycled content and sustainably grown wood. All the cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable. The glass bottles are sourced from O-I glass and manufactured in Auckland and the average recycled content of glass in these bottles is 67%. The team are always thinking about ways to reduce our footprint and work with their environment.

Laurent-Perrier - A pioneer in sustainable development that actively innovates new and environmentally conscious solutions for its champagne. With 100% biodegradable and recyclable packaging, they are a frontrunner for conservation.

Little Beauties - With a mission to create premium quality dried fruits that are only grown and crafted from local NZ fruits, they treat the fruit the same as export fruit so that growers and pack houses get paid fairly. Little Beauties also donates dried Golden Kiwifruit to 'Eat My Lunch' with which feeds thousands of school children. Their aim is to pay all their staff a living wage and have started planting their 40ha ex Forestry block back into native which will help offset their carbon footprint.

Love Tea - Collaborates with growers and small scale cooperatives around the world to fairly source organic ingredients and donates 1% of their annual net revenues to a range of environmental organisations worldwide.

Lulu Lala - Committed to ecology and engaged in a sustainable development policy, their products are made out of non-toxic, baby safe alternative food grade silicone and naturally anti-bacterial, hard wearing beechwood.

Lyttelton Lights - Since the very beginning they have had a strong commitment to sustainability, building a people focused company with a working culture that takes pride in reducing their environmental footprint. Their whole operation is powered by carboNZero certified 100% renewable energy. They have a zero plastic policy, ecofriendly friendly packaging & glassware, Carbon-Neutral shipping programme and only use earth friendly cleaning products.

Made by Fressko - Their earth friendly flasks are a sustainable, reusable alternative to plastic, rubber or paper take-away cups.

Maison Therese - Eco friendly and sustainable relish and pickle producer. All products are free from nasties and packaged in 100% recyclable glass.

Mushroom House - Strives to unlock the potential of the humble mushroom to save the world through their tasty innovations. Mushrooms are organic powerhouses, a versatile superfood and so much more. They want to help New Zealand lead the world to a brighter food future, one bite at a time. With mushrooms?... Yes!

Pepper & Me - Delicious spice blends and pastes, crafted to make awesome, healthy, allergen friendly meals for the whole family.

Preservation is a sustainable food business, only using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients. Small batch, handcrafted...that's their principle. Everything is made from scratch, using as much produce that would be wasted as possible.

Proper Knækbrød - Handmade small batch producer of Knækbrød seed crackers made from all natural and locally sourced ingredients.

Ruahine Ports - Buy their fruit from some of the oldest established family orchards in New Zealand and use natural spring water from under the Puketoi Ranges. They make their own spirit from the fruit wine to fortify their port with a Portuguese hand-made Alquitar Copper. They then age their Port with New Zealand native Mountain Totara wood. Their ports do not contain any sulphites (preservative) and have from 3.5 up to 5 times more antioxidants than grapes.

Real World - Rallying against a disposable world, they create useful things of value and longevity. This mindset drives their refillery approach and is why they are always finding opportunities to upcycle, reuse and repurpose. They only include what is most necessary. Simplicity is their mantra, aiming to help people make better decisions easily. Whether it's the exclusion of sulphates and parabens, their curated ingredient selection, edited range, pared back packaging or down to earth approach - they always aim for what is good for people and the planet.

Salash - Producers of dry cured meats made authentically and naturally from methods of earlier times100% natural - gluten, nitrates, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives free.

Schott Zwiesel - The guiding principles of sustainability are deeply anchored in their DNA. It comes from their unique corporate model and has its roots in the historic foundation statute of 1896. Responsible governance, responsibility for employees, society, environment and the climate are key elements of their sustainability strategy. As a globally operating group, they have a clear goal: To be the first specialty glass manufacturer to become climate neutral by 2030.

Six Barrel Soda - All natural ingredients, sweetened with Fairtrade organic cane sugar.

Stripped Jerky - A hobby turned business focussed on helping people be conscious about what they are eat. High protein, low fat and low sugar are the key selling points behind their jerky and that combined with the ethos of excluding artificial flavour, colours and preservatives makes them one of if not the best offering out there.

Spy Valley Wines - They are simply farmers at heart, nurturing soil and vine to cultivate the complexities in their wine. Their commitment remains to the land and to the people who tend it...and they are mindful that it’s their focus on sustainability which will ensure their guardianship of this land for generations to come.

Taste of the Alps - Small batch artisan products, free of preservatives and additives.

Terra Sancta - Grows, farms and forages all of their products of provenance including their wine. All wines are crafted using estate grown fruit, and they are one of the few wine producers in New Zealand that does everything on site from farming the grapes to making the wine, to bottling the wine on their own bottling line in the winery. They are focused on organic, no till soil regeneration including growing inter-row beneficials, composting,  (including utilising organic wine production by-product), using animals (sheep and chickens), with a view to create an increasingly healthy and biodiverse system.

Te Mata Figs - Figs are grown under an organic management system which is certified and audited by BioGro NZ.

The Kiwi Artisan Co - Aims to strengthen support for the artisan community and foster a deeper connection between the maker and the consumer. As they grow our own selection of Kiwi artisan goods they look forward to introducing many other talented artisan producers and their unique stories.

The Village Press - Offers schools, clubs and not-for-profit organisations a range of olive oils at low prices to sell to friends, family and within the wider community for fundraising.

The Herb Farm - 100% natural products, free of synthetics and harmful chemicals. 'Sustainable Business' Award in the 2012 Manawatu Business Awards and Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free. Manufacturing facility is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified which allows traceability and consistency of batches and products.

Thomson Whisky - Their Craft credentials are real because they make single malt whisky from scratch, by hand, using traditional methods for contemporary ends - it’s all about their passion for the spirit, creativity, and respect for the process.

Totara Cottage - Artisan home bake cookies made from all natural, locally sourced ingredients. 

Triumph & Disaster - 100% natural products and don't test on animals.

Wellington Chocolate Factory - 100% Fairtrade and organic certified, building direct relationships with cocoa farmers and using environmentally sustainable practices across all levels of their business.

West Coast Cocoa - Committed to fair, ethical trade through the UTZ Certified Cocoa Programme which is based on the principles of “a better price for a better product” and works closely with farmers to improve agricultural, social and environmental practices.

Wild Country - Produces a wide range of condiments using local ingredients and supports numerous local charitable groups over their 25 years in business.

Wild Fennel - Create jobs in their local community and also work with a Dunedin based social enterprise called Cargills that helps people with disabilities find work and income, who currently pack their spices and make gift boxes.

Zealong - 100% certified organic, traceable, and produced without compromise - no additives, residues, and heavy metals.