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  • Christmas Gift Basket NZ | Willow & Wolfe | Ho Ho Holy Christmas Gift Hamper
  • Christmas Gift Basket NZ | Willow & Wolfe | Ho Ho Holy Christmas Gift Hamper
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6. Holy Moly



Filled to the brim with our premium quality and exclusive treats, this huge gift basket has just about everything you need for a festive feast and more. Arriving in our large custom made, leather strapped and reusable willow gift basket, this magnificent hamper delivers and speaks volumes. 

This hamper contains: 

  • Veuve Clicquot champagne brut NV (750ml), full sized in gift box.
  • Thornalley's traditional fruit cake (300g). Hand made, batch baked and packed with fruits, almond and soaked with brandy. Trust us, it's the best.

  • Village Press first press extra virgin olive oil (500ml). Divine!

  • Baron Hussledorf 'Pirate Mary' salted caramel rosemary chocolate (6 x 20g). Soft, chewy caramels infused with fragrant rosemary and a kick of Blenheim sea salt.

  • Totara Cottage raspberry melting moments (120g). Served to Queen Liz and totally addictive!

  • Omahu Valley Citrus lemon & cinnamon syrup (200ml). Lovingly made from award winning lemons.

  • Wild Country orange cranberry & port sauce (220g). Luxurious condiment that will elevate your meats and veges to a whole new level.

  • Charity Tea kawa kawa with lemon & ginger (15 - 20 servings). Ethical, organic tea that nourishes you and children in need.

  • Te Mata Figs spicy fig chutney (270g), produced from organic figs in the Hawkes Bay.

  • The Damson Collection Damson plum jam (250g). All natural, all good.

  • Jack’s famous hot chocolate (250g).

  • Maison Therese beetroot relish (330g), made in the Hawkes Bay.

  • East Bali Cashews granola bites - chocolate vanilla (125g).
  • Taste Of The Alps lemon curd (250g), hand made in Wanaka.
  • Te Mata Figs Salame Di Fichi - fig and almond roll (190g).
  • The Damson Collection’s Damson plum, walnut and honey terrine (130g).  
  • Heavenly hand-made chocolate fudge sauce (250ml).
  • Fix & Fogg fruit toast peanut butter (375g).
  • Maison & Therese smoked paprika marinade (250ml).
  • Mash Tun beer crackers - pilsner (140g).
  • Maison Therese red wine vinaigrette (265ml).
  • Culley’s American hickory sauce (150ml) – mild heat.
  • Assembled in a Christmas Edition custom designed, hand-woven, lidded willow basket (measuring 50 x 38 x 30cm). If you prefer, we can leave the Christmas sleeve and ribbon out. Just let us know in the order instructions section when checking out.
  • Standard delivery included.

*To add more items to this hamper, visit the Build Your Own section. Some items may not fit but not to worry, we will let you know if that is the case.


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