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Hallertau Six Mix Craft Beer Sampler



Hallertau Six Mix Craft Beer Sampler (6 x 330ml bottles).

When you want something cold, but can't decide on the style, why not 'roll the dice' with Hallertau's Six Mix. Containing one of each of Hallertau's very popular #1 through #6 beers, there's something for everyone!

  • Luxe Kolsch Beer - Some say she’s the luxe life. Exuberant. Snappy. Bright. Chatty. Sunlit. Lush. Passionfruit. Blueberries. Sparkling. Refined. Considered. Dry. And frankly, refreshing. 4.5% alc

  • Statesman Pale Ale - Yowza! This character’s outspoken. Bursting with opinions. Arrives with a floral bouquet. Hoots. Honks. Hops. Charismatic. Honey. Bombastic. Citrus. Distinguished. Tang. Then closes the deal guaranteeing your thirst thoroughly quenched. 5.3% alc

  • Copper Tart Red Ale - This’d surely be a miner’s delight. Substantial. Satisfying. Deserved. Malt. Forged. Caramel. Bitter. Chocolate. Rich. Worthwhile. Smooth and dry, earner of a knowing smile. 4.2% alc

  • Deception Schwarzbier - This number is not what he seems. A bit of a trickster really. Smooth. Firm. Dark. Light. Bitter. Sweet. Coffee. Intricate. Chocolate. Subterfuge. You’ve been warned. 5.1% alc

  • Pilsner - De-sweat your brow. Lawns mown. Hay bailed. Yoga stretched. Innings had. Here’s the pils reward. Citrus. Wood chips. Unexpected hop notes. Ahhh. 5.0% alc

  • Session Ale - Double the hops, half the tipsy. The preferred beer of band practices. Ensures the rhythm section stays in time. Actual crispness. Utter freshness. Lets’s go 3.8% alc

Hallertau's Stephen Plowman, a true man of integrity, spent endless days in his youth sampling and taste testing many a beverage, experimenting on how to home brew, unbeknownst to him that he was a man with a destiny. His degree in rocks and soil gave him the desire for a crisp, fresh beer at the end of each hard long day.


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