Zealong Organic Collections Box Pyramid Tea Bags



Zealong Organic Collections Box Pyramid Tea Bags (12 biodegradable pyramid bags / 35g).

A complete selection of Zealong’s entire Tea bag collection, making it the perfect gift and taster for New Zealand grown teas.

The all-natural tea bags use plant starch as their base material. They are made from non-GMO, renewable plant sources, and leach out no harmful matter if burnt or buried, so they are 100% food-safe and non toxic. They are also compostable under the right conditions.

*Each bag can be brewed up to 8 cups without loosing its original strength. 

Zealong is widely regarded as New Zealand's national tea consumed by royals and dignitaries all over the world. It is the only commercial tea estate in New Zealand, producing 100% organic award-winning tea. In 1996, 1,500 rigorously-selected tea cuttings were imported from the best tea growing regions in Asia. Following a long quarantine from New Zealand’s Ministry of Agriculture, Vincent was left with only 130 plants. After careful propagation and a wealth of knowledge gained through the years, Zealong’s lush tea plants add up to just over 1 million and are spread over 40 hectares.

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