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Made to share, this hamper pairs exceptional NZ organic smoked cheeses with our most delectable crackers, snacks, salami and condiments. It includes our very own hand crafted Rimu cheese board and comes complete with a handy leather strapped custom made picnic basket. If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for a true foodie, we are certain you have just found it.

This hamper contains:

  • Willow and Wolfe hand made Heart Rimu cheese / chopping board measuring L:28cm x W:18cm x D:1.4cm.
  • Rosenborg Soft White Mild Danish Brie Cheese (125g).
  • Rosenborg Soft White Mild Danish Camembert Cheese (125g).
  • J.Friend & Co set of three jars of cheese pairing honey (40g each).
  • The Damson Collection’s Damson plum, walnut and honey terrine (130g).
  • Salash bachka pork salami - medium hot (250g), Beech-wood smoked with Hungarian paprika, NZ fresh garlic and spices. Handmade, all natural, gluten and preservative free.
  • Line's Knaekbrod Danish cumin cracker bread (110g), Cuisine Artisan award winner.
  • East Bali Cashews snack packs (4 x 35g).

    • Cacao - Delicately dusted in locally-sourced dark cacao powder, these decadent cashews are great for a healthy dessert or on top of Greek yoghurt in the morning.
    • Chilli Lime - Zesty kaffir lime, cane sugar, spicy chili and our home-made Coconut Chips blend into an intense flavor with enough kick to make these cashews pair well with a cold refreshing beverage.
    • Coconut Roasted - These wild-harvested and deliciously roasted Premium Cashews mixed with toasted Coconut Chips will let you taste the beauty of natural Bali.
    • Sea Salt - Sprinkled with salt harvested from the Indian Ocean and roasted in rich, Balinese coconut oil, we gave this classic cashew flavor a major taste upgrade.
  • Seed Crafted Crackers (150g), incredibly delicious dairy free and gluten free.
  • Maison Therese beetroot relish (330g), made in the Hawkes Bay.
  • Totara Cottage balsamic cheese crackers (125g).
  • Handwritten message on a custom designed, gold printed logo textured stationery card.
  • Assembled in a custom made, hand-woven, lidded rustic willow basket (measuring 37 x 33 x 18cm).

  • Standard delivery included. 

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*To add more items to this hamper, visit the Build Your Own section. Some items may not fit but not to worry, we will let you know if that is the case.

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  • Terra Sancta Estate Pinot Noir Rose
  • Man O War Gravestone Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
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