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Our award winning chocolate and sweets producers are the best at their game and take their craft quite seriously. They are the very best in the business and you can be assured of quality and taste that is second to none. We believe in the process discovering new treats that push the boundaries of what a chocolate and sweet can be and this is where you find it. 

Bennetts take pride in their roots, sourcing locally grown, spray-free ingredients and collaborating with nearby artisans. It's a celebration of New Zealand's rich flavours, from feijoa to kiwifruit, honouring the environments that nurture them. Their philosophy is simple yet profound: prioritise the joy of our customers while fostering pride and fulfillment among our staff.

Benetto Natural Foods Co makes beautiful organic chocolate with a 'less is better' approach to ingredients and processors and a 'more is better' approach to thoughtfulness, quality, and transparency. They believe in quality over quantity, using fewer ingredients and saying no to additives that are not necessary to make good chocolate like chemicals, emulsifiers and animal products - including milk.

Baron Hasselhoff’s chocolate is crafted from some of the highest-quality cacao beans in the world, and the resulting spectrum of flavour notes goes far beyond the traditional flavour that you find in mass-produced chocolate. Their chocolate isn’t just an exceptional treat – it’s a experiential journey to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of chocolate, where you can truly connect with the ingredients and the process.

Wellington Chocolate Factory makes organic, ethically traded, bean to bar chocolate of the highest quality. Their chocolate story starts with meeting the farmers and bringing the best single-origin beans into their factory from across the globe. Then they roast, crack, winnow, conch and temper – using artisan methods reaching back to the 18th century – producing batches of strong, luscious organic chocolate. Legendary New Zealand artists add their own dash of inspiration, infusing their wrappers with original designs. Every bar has a story to tell. Customers love their chocolate for its unique flavours, Kiwi connection, and their commitment to fair trade principles.

Herb and Spice Fine Foods develop new products alongside New Zealand manufacturers to bring luxury, variety and quality to the local gournet food landscape. Owned by food industry veterans, Jason and Karen Olliver, they understand that the keys to its success are listening to its customers’ wants and needs, responding quickly to market trends and be always on the lookout for the next big thing!

Sugar Crave is an artisan brand owned by Herb and Spice Fine Foods, creators of over 300 products ranging from chocolates to chutneys, tapenades to truffle mustards, cakes and crackers to Christmas treats.

Totara Cottage is a boutique wholesale producer of specialty baking.  Since 1996 they have built a reputation for top quality, home made, innovative baking. They take pride in baking just like your mother used to.  All their range is hand made in small batches for true home made flavour and attention to detail.  They use every-day, identifiable ingredients and bake as you would at home, just on a slightly bigger scale.

Honest Chocolat was born at the beginning of 2016 in a converted garage in Snells Beach, through the collaboration of husband and wife team Nico and Emily Bonnaud. Not being those to take the easy route, the business began as a side project to full time occupations as Pastry Chef and Interior Designer with weekend markets and online sales, and a commitment to using unique and high quality single origin chocolate.

Bennetts is family owned and run, brought into the world by trained chocolatiers Clayton and Mary Bennett in 1998.  Just as it always was, Bennetts is made in Mangawhai Village, New Zealand; close to where Clayton spent his childhood and where the company has become an intrinsic part of the local community.

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