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Our range of cookies and crackers are the very best NZ has to offer. All lovingly hand crafted and delicious to the last crunch, they are perfect for any occasion.  

Totara Cottage is a boutique wholesale producer of specialty baking.  Since 1996 they have built a reputation for top quality, home made, innovative baking. They take pride in baking just like your mother used to.  All their range is hand made in small batches for true home made flavour and attention to detail.  They use every-day, identifiable ingredients and bake as you would at home, just on a slightly bigger scale.

Molly Woppy cookies are a little bit more than just cookies. They are lovingly handmade using only the best ingredients, so you get more of the choc chunks, tangy apricot or chewy dates you want. They are passionate about baking with skill and authenticity using traditional home-baking methods and their recipes have been meticulously developed by real foodies and chefs. 

Proper Knækbrød crackers are lovingly handmade here in NZ, packed full of yummy seeds, yeast free with no added sugar, they are the perfect accompaniment to cheese, cured meats, smoked salmon or whatever takes your fancy.

Seed Crafted Crackers are some Crafty Little Crackers! Bursting with 5 Seeds and a sprinkle of fancy pink salt, they pack quite a crunch and a delicious seedy flavour that's famously addictive. The perfect companion to your cheeseboard and they're gluten-free!

Mushroom House strives to unlock the potential of the humble mushroom through tasty mushroom innovations. They want to help New Zealand lead the world to a brighter food future, one bite at a time. With mushrooms?... Yes! With mushrooms!

Yava is a social enterprise that strives to bring to you the freshest, healthiest and most delicious cashews while empowering the local community through farming and educational initiatives.

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