Made By Fressko CAMINO Coffee Cup (Floss)



Made By Fressko CAMINO Coffee Cup - Floss (340ml).

The stylish, chemical-free, lightweight, insulated stainless steel cup with stainless steel inner is the new and improved version of the classic takeaway coffee cup. Keeping style and our coffees, simple.

  • Includes internal barista friendly measurement lines.
  • Fits under the industry standard coffee machine portafilters
  • Fits a standard coffee cup holder
  • Vacuum sealed to retain heat
  • Scratch resistant body
  • Spill-proof
  • Click lock lid
  • Slip-resistant base


Made By Fressko's philosophy is simple: “Be kind to mother earth, to others, and to yourself.” They are all about simple, sustainable, untainted, and portability. When you savour your tea, coffee or fruit water brewed-to-go in your carefully designed Fressko glass flask, you should know that they’ve put every effort into making your beverage taste as amazing as possible.

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