Pantry Treats


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For a little bit of extra specialness, fill your gift hamper with our wide of range of pantry treats which have been taste-tested and personally chosen by our fussy owners. From dried fruits, olives, gourmet seasoning to naturally cured meats, they are artisan produced with natural ingredients and aren't usually found in supermarkets. 

Little Beauties as a company are all about creating and adding value to their unique fruits and sharing them with the world. They absolutely love seeing the joy on their customers’ faces when they try Little Beauties for the first time.

Herb and Spice Fine Foods develop new products alongside New Zealand manufacturers to bring luxury, variety and quality to the local gournet food landscape. Owned by food industry veterans, Jason and Karen Olliver, they understand that the keys to its success are listening to its customers’ wants and needs, responding quickly to market trends and be always on the lookout for the next big thing!

Fresh As source and produce a wide range of the highest quality freeze dried herbs, fruits, vegetables and other ingredients for restaurants, caterers and food manufacturers.

J. Friend & Co was created to return life to honey and dignity to the artisan beekeeper. They want to introduce food lovers to the complex flavours of vintage honey, a taste experience without equal.

Te Mata Figs was established from a passion to grow amazing figs in the warm Mediterranean type climate of Hawke’s Bay along Te Karamu Stream, near Havelock North, New Zealand, offering only the sweetest freshest spray free figs in season and tasty award winning products.

Alderson’s is a boutique foods company with a focus on making delicious, uniquely flavoursome and memorable condiments and hot sauces. They pride themselves in using the freshest ingredients and locally, New Zealand grown produce. 

Hunt & Gather Bee Co. treat their bees like part of their team, not part of the budget. They go above and beyond to look after their bees and make sure that they thrive. The results, well, they speak for themselves. Their raw, ethical honey has consistently collected outstanding awards and our range of unique flavours are simply delicious.

Pepper & Me creates delicious spice blends and pastes, crafted to make awesome, healthy, allergen friendly meals for the whole family.

Totara Cottage is a boutique wholesale producer of specialty baking.  Since 1996 they have built a reputation for top quality, home made, innovative baking. They take pride in baking just like your mother used to.  All their range is hand made in small batches for true home made flavour and attention to detail.  They use every-day, identifiable ingredients and bake as you would at home, just on a slightly bigger scale.

The Kiwi Artisan Co strives to strengthen support for the artisan community and foster deeper connection between the maker and the consumer. As they grow their own selection of Kiwi artisan goods they also promote many other talented producers and their unique stories.

Stripped Jerky’s ethos of excluding artificial flavour, colours and preservatives makes them one of if not the best jerky out there. High protein, low fat and low sugar are their key selling points!

West Coast Cocoa was born with a vision… to create a delicious hot chocolate and chai range that they’d feel good about serving to our families; a range of flavours that would share their love and passion for rich, intense cocoa.

Salash - Brothers Pedja and Gradimir, along with the careful supervision of their father Draza, proudly uses original recipes that has been in the family for genrations. 

Wild Fennel Co. seasonings are inspired by traditional flavour pairings from around the world. Designed to be simple to use, versatile and full of flavour, their seasonings will enhance your favourite recipes and inspire new creations.

The Kolachi Kitchen pride themselves on producing and supplying quality handmade fine food products using only the best, natural ingredients and time honoured baking methods.

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