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Our range of award winning spirits and port are carefully selected for their amazing flavours and steep historical origins. Whether you are choosing gin and vodka from the NZ icon, Scapegrace, NZ Whisky Collection's rare and collectible whiskys or Ruahine's indigenous toned ports, your gift hamper will appreciated beyond words.  

Ruahine Ports is the only commercial winery in New Zealand to age Port within NZ Native Wood. Ruahine means two Women, or ‘Wise Women’ and relates to the grand-daughter of the Kaitaki Turi who travelled to New Zealand from Hawaiki on the Aotea Canoe.

Thomson Whisky was started the same way you’d start a band. The team got together and just started tinkering. It was never about taking over the world, or playing Wembley, but about giving it a go, creating the best spirit they could afford to and sharing their journey with anyone who liked whisky. They wanted to give New Zealanders a whisky they could be proud of, with a sharp brand on top.

Scapegrace (Rogue Society), from the bottom of the world of New Zealand comes a gin that's turned tradition upside down. Scapegrace is distilled at the foot hills of the ice capped Southern Alps of New Zealand. Subterranean rock filters our water source for over 60 years. The result. An exceptionally smooth and enduring finish.

The New Zealand Whisky Collection started in 2009 when Greg Ramsay and a group of investors bought 443 barrels of mature-aged NZ whisky of a distillery which closed down in 1997. It was stored in an old airplane hangar. The whisky now resides in the towering seaside bonds store in Oamaru. These are exceptionally rare drams from what was once the world’s southern-most distillery.

J.M.R Cocktail & Co is a New Zealand company founded by Amy Alexander and Jonny McKenzie; hospitality professionals and seasoned travellers, who want you to enjoy a perfectly mixed cocktail anywhere.

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